Nurturing Neighborhood

I live in Powderhorn, an inner city neighborhood in south Minneapolis—and in my opinion, a neighborhood like none other. Not a wealthy neighborhood but rich in spirit. Old and young, straight and gay. Activists. Artists. And diverse with families of multiple races/ethnicities welcome. Currently, there are signs on every block saying, “All are welcome here,” “We love our Muslim neighbors,” and “Black lives matter.” nurturing neighborhood

Where else do you have The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre and its May Day parade? Streets closed so musicians can use front porches to entertain neighbors? An art/craft fair in Powderhorn Park every August? A coffee house like the May Day Cafe with its homemade scones? Or neighbors filling and hiding 800 eggs—with our own Easter bunny present—for the children on our block?

Yes, the neighborhood is a little messy. The houses are old; mine was built 90 years ago. Although gardening is popular, the gardens aren’t necessarily well groomed. Some houses need paint and some yards could lose some trash. But neighbors put up colored lights, plant for butterflies, and have Little Libraries to share books. Big city but with a small town feel. . . .

. . . . An atmosphere that nourishes me as an individual and as an artist. Here’s a shout out to Powderhorn!

How does your neighborhood nourish you? What does it have? What could it add?

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