Some of us artfully use pencils and pens to make marks. Some of us not so much. I’ve been promising myself that I’d practice drawing for years and years. And guess what? Not yet!

So I have had to find alternatives to “make my mark.” Now I’m getting ready to share some of them. I plan to be “auditioning” a class on alternative techniques for making marks. A small group (no more than 4) will explore a range of mark-making possibilities: We’ll select among:

  • Cyanotype & photogram printing
  • Eco-dyeing
  • Rust printing
  • “Boiled paper prints”
  • Photo transfers
  • Dry felting
  • Screen printing (Thermofax)
  • Hand stitching/beading

After experimenting, we’ll spend some time figuring out how to use our treasures, combining and enhancing them.

What I’m offering is eight 2 1/2-hour classes over 8 to 10 weeks in my home studio. Only cost will be a $15 per session for materials. If you’re interested email me.