Doroth Mayer



I make art because I was born to make art. Since my childhood in the Dakotas in the 50’s, making art has been the fire that fuels my spirit, inspires my soul, and grounds my actions. Since I decided to make creating art my full time career, I have more time for introspection, exploration, and experimentation. With a regular practice, I believe my message is becoming clearer and my voice stronger.

I do what I do because I believe art heals. The natural world gives me hope and sharing art helps me navigate the pain and chaos rampant in the world today. My art is my attempt to bridge the best of the past with all that is new and good in the present.


"Doroth Mayer’s work is subtle and strong. Her processes are literally those of the earth and sky--plants dye the fabrics and sun print the images. She uses this elemental media expertly to explore a complicated world with honesty, clarity and heart. Viewers traverse the layers of images and fabrics in much the same way as one might walk a labyrinth. At the end of the journey we return to the place from which we began but with renewed clarity and a deeper connection to our own hearts.”  Megan Hatch, Artist and Curator