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2-imagesCyanotype printing (click here for the Cyanotype Gallery) is a process I use in my art making, combining it with eco-dyeing and rust printing (Current Work). I print on fabric rather than paper.  Although some fabrics now come prepared for printing, I sensitize my own because it gives me more fabric options. My fabric of choice is a heavy-weight silk organza. I make negatives on my computer from my own photographs and/or those of my father.

I sunprint my images outdoor, and since I live in Minnesota, I only print in the summer and early fall. So now that it’s September, it’s hurry up and print the resources for winter art making. Here’s are a couple of favorites I printed this weekend. “Her Majesty” lives in Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis. “Upward Climb” is a PhotoShop manipulation/combination of a photo of my father’s (taken in 1920) and one of mine.

Anyone else out there print on fabric? On silk? Please share!

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