Doroth Mayer

Eco-dyeing and rust printing

Eco-dying and rust printing


Eco-dyeing and rust printing

Row 1: Eco-printed    Row 2: Eco-printed and rusted

Row 1: Eco-printed

Row 2: Eco-printed and rusted

My intention is to tell stories that engage viewers and encourage them to contribute their talents and resources to the world’s well-being. Eco-dyeing, eco-printing, and rust printing are primary sources of the images and marks that I collage with photos printed as cyanotypes to tell my stories.

It’s all about giving up control. When I wrap cloth to eco-dye or rust print it, serendipity reigns. Each unwrapping of a piece of silk with plants tucked inside is sensuous and seductive. And, unpacking a bundle of fabric wrapped around old iron—smelly after percolating in vinegar for days—an experience that amazes and excites. Some results are wonderful. Many totally unexpected. Some disappointing. All personal.

Now these separate and unique components need to come together. And, just like with human relationships, when combining diverse elements, surprises, challenges, even barriers to overcome are part of the equation. But when carefully integrated, diversity complements and works together harmoniously. Telling my story.