Wolf CreekLiving in a throwaway world, I’m inspired by the values of my ancestors and motivated to combine their respect for the land and simpler way of life with current priorities and lifestyles. Yes, some of the perks of modern life make life easier—I don’t want to go back to the old wood cook stove my grandmother used to bake bread. At the same time, what steps do we need to take to save the planet for our grandchildren?

The president’s deregulation of environmental rules, including his actions around Standing Rock and Keystone, require “mindful” people to confront Republican belief that climate change is a hoax. I’m too old to march; I did that in the 60s. What I can do is use my childhood memories of the Dakota prairies and the water sustaining them to create visual images Current Work. My intention is to raise awareness of what we lose with climate change to encourage viewers to utilize our collective energy to save and renew our environment for future generations.

To reenforce my visual stories, many of the techniques I use are old and many of the materials recycled. In addition to original photos printed as sepia and/or cyanotype images and dyeing/printing from natural materials, work includes rust-printing, beading, and hand-stitching.

Who of you out there is making art that speaks to the needs of our environment? Please share!

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