Doroth Mayer



Winter Wednesdays

February 10, 2019 

I’m starting an artist’s life late in life. Although I wanted to be an artist since I was 10 years old, in the 60s when I headed for college, that wasn’t an option and I became a teacher instead. After 10 years of teaching in the Minneapolis Public Schools, I moved on to new opportunities. One look at my resume shows how diverse my career choices were. And although I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been able to do what I’ve done in my work life, it left little time to make art. I dabbled. Fit it in when I could. But art making definitely took a backseat. . . . . . Until a couple years ago. When the East African Women’s Center closed, I had a choice. I could continue working a day job in the community or I could “retire” and finally experience being an artist full time. I took the leap—and I’m loving it! 

But there are Minnesota winters. Long. Gray. Sometimes a little isolating. And I’m used to having a vibrant community in my life. (Yes, winter is my least favorite season.)

Winter Wednesdays. What about you? If you’re missing community too, let’s do something about that! Bring you creative self and a project to work on. Share, laugh, and make new friends. (For those interested, I’ll demonstrate ecoprinting paper during the February sessions.)   

No obligations. Come for one session or come for several—afternoon or evening—whatever works for you. Just send me a message at as late as the Tuesday before each Wednesday session to let me know you’re coming. 1 to 4 PM on 2nd Wednesday afternoons (February 13, March 13, and/or April 10) or from 7 to 10 PM on 3rd Wednesday evenings (February 20, March 20, and/or April 17). $5 per session—with coffee, tea, and snacks included!    

To sign up for Winter Wednesdays—click here.

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Doroth Mayer