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Art in the Garden is open for business!

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The garden is getting a late start. April was the coldest April in recorded history plus providing us with 20” of snow. May was the second hottest May with six 90+ days with one day reaching 100 degrees. Not good for the gardener or the plants.

But it’s June now —and ART IN THE GARDEN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS with class sessions scheduled for July. Eco-printing on Paper is scheduled for Wednesday, July 11 and Saturday, July 14. Eco-printing on Fabric is scheduled for Wednesday, July 18 and Saturday 21. Each class is offered twice to accommodate summer schedules; classes run for 1 – 5 PM; the cost is $50 plus a $10 materials fee; and class size is limited to 4 participants. To register, click here. To get more information—including some personalized class options—click here.

I love the Demeter myth, and my garden goddess (named Demeter, of course) waited a long time this spring for her daughter, Persephone, to return from the underworld, straining her patience and mine. The first image comes just after the “big” snow in April; the second was taken this week. Spring is here. The garden lush. Please join me in enjoying it!

Doroth Mayer