Doroth Mayer





I love the Demeter myth. As “mother earth” she was the Greek goddess who kept the earth green until the underworld god, Hades, kidnapped her daughter, Persephone. Demeter was so preoccupied with her grief that the seasons halted, nothing grew, and the earth faced extinction. Zeus demanded that Hades release Persephone, and their compromise was her coming back to her mother each year in the spring, staying with her for 8 months.

Spring is really late this year. Snow storms in mid-April! And I’ve been as impatient as many others. At the same time, it is giving me time to prepare. I’ve an updated and more dynamic website (Thank you Megan Hatch!) Please check it out and follow us.

Art in the Garden on FB is also “open for business.” Follow us and learn about classes that will be offered in south Minneapolis this summer. There are a couple FREE ones in early May!

Just picked up some seeds and some pans for starting them in my basement. First time I’ve tried the basement. Will it be too cold? Is the timing right? I’ll keep you informed—successes and failures.

I have my own Demeter. (Thank you Karen Searle!) who sits in my garden. Waiting impatiently. Like we all are. And springtime WILL come.

Doroth Mayer