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Home Studio

Once upon a time, I rented a studio from an art mentor in an old warehouse filled with artists. It was a great space but I had a full-time day job and I never used it. By the time I got home, walked the dog, and had dinner, the last thing I wanted to do was drive 20 minutes to my studio. Yes, there were weekends, but they were filled with errands, house cleaning, and even some time with friends. So I let it go.


Now I no longer have a day job and I can finally be a full-time artist. And, I’ve decided that a home studio is best for me. It started with a small room in the basement, but if you know Minnesota, you know it gets pretty cold and dark in the winter. One morning I woke up in my big second-floor bedroom with wonderful light and I thought, “What a wonderful studio this could be!”

That started the process of removing wallpaper, painting walls and woodwork, rearranging furniture, and building a large work table. I had to buy a few things, but all in all, it was only a matter of repurposing.

Now I have an in-house studio that I can work in any time of day or night. It’s bright with design walls and good storage. I even have a place for the doll house and furniture I’ve loved since I was 6 years old.

Downside? Maybe one. Since I’m in a neighborhood in a single family home, there is no built-in artist community. That I have to create.

Where do you work? In an artist studio? An in-home studio? At your kitchen table? What works for you?

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