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The Art of Cyanotype

After years of taking and printing black & white photos, I saw a cyanotype and was committed to mastering the iron-based photo process. I found an artist who taught alternative photographic processes and she became my mentor. I learned to make negatives in the darkroom and then print them just like photographers print silver-based, black & white photos. Although I still mix and apply the cyanotype chemicals, I’ve switched to making negs on the computer from my original photos using PhotoShop and then printing in the sun.


But since I’m a mixed-media/fiber artist, there are some differences in how I make and use my cyanotypes. First of all, I print on silk not paper. I combine cyanotypes with eco-printed and rusted fabrics in my fiber art. And, I stitch on my photos. (Yes, I’ve gotten flack for that!)

I’ve just started a new series—working title: Singing the Blues. Currently, five 17” by 22” images are printed; the first is on my design board. This time each will be simpler. Standing alone. But with stitching.

Stay tuned!

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