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Art in the Garden

Art in the Garden was offered for the first time in 2017 as an “urban summer vacation” for artists, crafters, gardeners, and advocates for a healthy environment. Taught in my home studio—in the garden and back yard, garage, and around the island in the kitchen on really hot days—the series of workshops focused on eco-friendly dyeing and printmaking techniques. Workshops included:

  • eco-dyeing on silk and paper
  • indigo vat dyeing and shibori patterning
  • rust printing and photograms
  • monoprinting and image transfer
  • natural dyeing and making botanical paper. 

Designing and presenting the series was challenging, but the enthusiasm of the participants made all the effort worthwhile. At the same time, I learned so much. Since I can’t teach something without experimenting to make sure everything is working just right, I found I kept pushing the boundaries. Rusting was especially exciting. Did you know that one can screenprinted with rust? Love, love, love the results. (More about that process in a later blog!)

The classes were small—limited to four. Some participants attended multiple workshops together. Relationships were built, and all the participants (except one with a conflict) had lunch together in December to share what they’ve been working on. They’re planning on meeting again in February. A supportive community? It’s a possibility!

What is your “supportive community?” How did it form? How does it operate? What does it mean to you? Share your story!

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