Doroth Mayer

Artist Statement

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Artist Statement

Living in a throwaway world, I am an artist and storyteller who is motivated by rethinking the values of my ancestors and combining their beliefs and simpler way of life with current priorities and lifestyles. My intention is to create visual images that remind viewers to look at how we as humans are misusing the resources of our planet and how we—in community—can remedy the situation.

My work is fueled by a long life of diverse experiences. Growing up on the South Dakota prairies, I learned to value the land and how the elders tended it. Living through the 60’s in a liberal urban area, my views about war and peace were challenged. 25 years of working cross-culturally—especially the ten working with East African refugee women and children—reinforced how regional and international conflicts impact the health and well-being of our humanity. And experiencing and surviving stage 3 breast cancer taught me to appreciate life and live each day fully.

To reinforce my visual stories, many of the techniques I use in my mixed media work are old and many of the materials recycled. To engage viewers, natural dyeing with plant material from my wild flower garden, rust-printing, beading, and hand stitching are combined with original photographs printed with the old iron-based cyanotype process. Success is when a viewer is drawn into an image, takes a second look, goes deeper, and takes away a piece of her/his own truth.