About The Artist

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Doroth Mayer makes art because she was born to make art.
Since her childhood in the Dakotas in the 50’s, making art has been the fire that fuels her spirit, inspires her soul, and grounds her actions. Since she decided to make creating fiber art her full time career, she has more time for introspection, exploration, and experimentation. Her message is becoming clearer and her voice stronger.
Her textile mixed-media art combines original photographs printed as cyanotypes; eco-dyed and rust-printed fabrics; boiled paper prints transferred to silk; hand stitching; and beading.

She manipulates, restores, and make negatives of her photos and those of her father (who was born in 1890 and took his first photos as an American soldier in Germany in 1918). She sunprints the cyanotypes on silk in her magnificent garden, using the wild flowers to dye fabrics. All the components are then combined, hand and machine stitched, beaded, and layered to tell her stories.

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