logo_ballI am a mixed-media textile artist, a photographer who prints her photos as cyanotypes, an urban wildflower gardener and eco-dyer, and a cross-cultural advocate and mediator. I do what I do because I believe art heals. The natural world gives me hope and sharing art helps me navigate the pain and chaos  rampant in the world today. My art is my attempt to bridge the best of the past with all that is new and good in the present.

As an artist and activist, I decided to set up this space to connect with others—photographers (especially you who also make cyanotypes and/or use alternative photographic processes), rust printers, eco-dyers, gardeners, and environmentalists. All you who use art to heal and bridge cultures. And anyone who loves art and/or enjoys talking and/or writing about it. Let’s share. Learn from one another. Heal.

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I’ve always had a complicated relationship with patriotism; it feels embedded in my DNA. My father fought in World War I and uncles and cousins in every war since. Memorial Day was an important holiday in my small community in the Dakotas in the 50s. My father marched in the parade in his uniform, and I was the little girl who read “In Flanders Field” in the program in the city park. Love of country

And than came the 60’s. A move to a liberal urban center. The war in Viet Nam. The women’s movement. Anti-war marches and women’s rights protests. And, later, 10 years with the Confederation of Somali Community and its East African Women’s Center. I saw through the eyes of refugee women and children—the survivors who were primarily Somali but also Oromo, Ethiopian, Iraqi, and Afghani—what catastrophic affects war has on families all around the world.

So what now? We have Muslim bans, hate crimes, and proposed increases in military spending—telling me to take another look at work I did after 9/11 when I did a piece on Learning Peace (Current Work). Are my experiences since 9/11—particularly the current political situation—influencing how I define patriotism now? What is the best way for me to love my country when I disagree with so much of what is going on here? When is love of country resistance? And how can making art bring us together?

How is art helping you define and express your views? Please share!


Home Studio

May 19, 2017

Once upon a time, I rented a studio from an art mentor in an old warehouse filled with artists. It was a great space but I had a full-time day job and I never used it. By the time I got home, walked the dog, and had dinner, the last thing I wanted to do […]

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Nurturing Neighborhood

May 5, 2017

I live in Powderhorn, an inner city neighborhood in south Minneapolis—and in my opinion, a neighborhood like none other. Not a wealthy neighborhood but rich in spirit. Old and young, straight and gay. Activists. Artists. And diverse with families of multiple races/ethnicities welcome. Currently, there are signs on every block saying, “All are welcome here,” […]

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