logo_ballI am a mixed-media textile artist, a photographer who prints her photos as cyanotypes, an urban wildflower gardener and eco-dyer, and a cross-cultural advocate and mediator. I do what I do because I believe art heals. The natural world gives me hope and sharing art helps me navigate the pain and chaos  rampant in the world today. My art is my attempt to bridge the best of the past with all that is new and good in the present.

As an artist and activist, I decided to set up this space to connect with others—photographers (especially you who also make cyanotypes and/or use alternative photographic processes), rust printers, eco-dyers, gardeners, and environmentalists. All you who use art to heal and bridge cultures. And anyone who loves art and/or enjoys talking and/or writing about it. Let’s share. Learn from one another. Heal.

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The Art of the CyanotypeAfter years of taking and printing black & white photos, I saw a cyanotype and was committed to mastering the iron-based photo process. I found an artist who taught alternative photographic processes and she became my mentor. I learned to make negatives in the darkroom and then print them just like photographers print silver-based, black & white photos. Although I still mix and apply the cyanotype chemicals, I’ve switched to making negs on the computer from my original photos using PhotoShop and then printing in the sun.

But since I’m a mixed-media/fiber artist, there are some differences in how I make and use my cyanotypes. First of all, I print on silk not paper. I combine cyanotypes with eco-printed and rusted fabrics in my fiber art. And, I stitch on my photos. (Yes, I’ve gotten flack for that!)

I’ve just started a new series—working title: Singing the Blues. Currently, five 17” by 22” images are printed; the first is on my design board. This time each will be simpler. Standing alone. But with stitching.

Stay tuned!


Art in the Garden

February 12, 2018

Art in the Garden (with Karen Searle) was offered as an “urban summer vacation” for artists, crafters, gardeners, and advocates for a healthy environment. Taught in my home studio—in the garden and back yard, garage, and around the island in the kitchen on really hot days—the series of workshops focused on eco-friendly dyeing and print […]

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Looking Back; Moving Forward

January 23, 2018

As an emerging mixed-media/fiber artist, I was finally ready to commit to making art full-time in 2017. That meant having supportive environments to do the work. As someone whose processes include eco-dyeing/eco-printing, rusting, making cyanotypes, stitching, and beading, spaces both in and outside are optimum—and in 2017 both my in-house studio and the gardens were […]

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