The sun is getting brighter every day so it’s time to put in an order to Photographers’ Formulary for ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide so this years’ cyanotype printing can begin. Since I sun print in my garden and not in a darkroom, the strength of the sun is a deciding factor for printing. I used up the last of my chemicals in late October and now the sun will soon be strong enough to start making cyanotypes again. Cyanotype Printing

What is a cyanotype? The oldest, or at least one of the oldest, photographic processes originating in the 1850s, cyanotypes are made using an iron-based process. (Black and white photos are printed with a silver-based process.) A fun fact is that this process was the one used by Anna Atkins who is recognized as the first female photographer. A botanist, she made brilliant blue photograms of plant life.

In the digital age, cyanotypes aren’t common. And those created by photographers using alternative processes are usually printed on paper. What makes my cyanotypes a little unusual is that I print them on silk so I can incorporate them into fiber art. Mixed media/fiber art themes using cyanotypes include Dakota Memories and Unlearning War/Fear of Other. Cyanotype Images

A shout out to other cyanotype printers. What’s your practice? Do any of you print on silk?

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